The teams selected for the next Inter-County Championship Div 3 match away to Hertfordshire
  on the
1/2 March are as follows:

                          Men’s ‘B’                                                                Men’s ‘A’

Tom Martin, Steve O'Brien, Billy Ratciffe.

                             Ladies "B"                                                          Ladies "A"

Lesley Gibbs.

     If for any reason you are unable to play, i.e. illness, holidays, please let Carol or Tony Know as
     soon as possible so substitutions can be made.

     Start Times:                  12:00 Saturday and 11.00am Sunday.  
      All players are to be present at the venue one hour before the start time.

     County Dress Code:     Black trousers/skirts (no jeans, cords or denim or tracksuit material.       
      Footwear must be Black and confirm to shoes, trainers, ankle and Knee
      length boots.  No 'flip flop' or 'sandal' style footwear will be permitted.
      Ladies shoes must be enclosed ie; no peep toe shoes or sling backs.

     Venue:               The Shamrock Club    
     Welwyn Garden City
      AL7 2AD
     Tel: 01707 72361

    Good Luck to all those selected to play.

Terry Adolpho
  Terry Davis
Darren Butters
  Karl Deacon
Tony Davies
  Stuart Dutton
Eddie Ford
  Damien Fyffe
Ron Grant
  Adam Mould
Carl Hillyer
  Ricky Nathan
Martin Janes
  Paul Orchard
Aiden O'Mahoney
  Simon Parrott
John Tarbox
  Lee Rose
Grant Taylor
  Phil Simpson
Wayne Warren
  Pete Smith
Jon Woodbridge
  Paul Stefanovic
Dawn Goff
  Kirsty Gibbs
Sharon Howell
  Barbara Legge
Donna Hoyle
  Suzanne Smith
Gerry Johnson
  Jane Sobey
Amanda Kuling
  Ann Wakefield
Karen Lan
  Janet Weedon